phone interview

Phone Interview tips

1. Research The Company, Position, and Interviewer(s)

Try to reference something specific you learned about the company, or a mutual interest with the interviewer.

Research Resource & Links:

2. Location & Phone

Make sure to be thoughtful when selecting the location to have your phone conversation. A few simple things:

  • Avoid outside noise.

  • Make sure you’re in a good place you know has strong cell reception.

  • Check your cell phone battery to make sure you won’t run out of juice!

3. Prepare Notes & Questions

Have questions written down beforehand, along with answers to common interview questions (strengths/weaknesses, why do you want to work at the company, etc.). There are very few things that make you look more prepared for an interview than having well thought out questions. Ideas:

  • What are the growth plans for the next 2-3 years?

  • What are the struggles currently faced? How do you expect to overcome them?

  • What differentiates this company from competitors?

  • What traits make a perfect candidate for this position? What does grow look like for me in this position?

4. Smile!

A smile can be heard through the phone. The tone of voice is how you create a lasting impression. Make sure you sound excited about the opportunity from the start. Remember, they can’t see you’re face or expressions—you need to make them “feel” it over the phone.

5.  Talk About Your Interests

The main reason for a phone interview is getting to know you and getting a “gut check” in regard to your personality. Think of it as more of a conversation rather than a formal Q & A. Be yourself and be confident!

6. Follow Up

Follow up with your VP contact for feedback and next steps. In addition, be sure to send a follow up email to the contact(s) you spoke with and thank them for their time. This is often times missed and can be the difference maker.