Why VP Changed (Cont.)

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Company Brand

The search process is an extension of your organization. How do you want the recruiting firm to represent your organization’s brand? How do you want potential candidates to perceive your brand? Often times, being contacted by the recruiting firm is the first impression that candidate gets of your organization. How do you ensure it’s the best one?

Contacted Multiple Times

When a candidate is reached out to by multiple firms regarding the same opportunity it causes confusion and lessens the appeal of the opportunity. This can make a search or organization look unorganized and create concern for a candidate.

Long-Term Relationship

Building a long-term relationship with one firm builds confidence for candidates and internal employees. It shows them that your organization is serious about its image and building true relationships to better the company. With the “shotgun approach” of using multiple firms, it takes credibility of your organization and sends a message that the brand and what’s being portrayed out in the market isn’t important.

As stated above, the retained model allows you to build a strong relationship with one recruiting firm, they will be an extension of your organization, know your brand, and be able to “sell” your organization more effectively.

The Client/Candidate Journey

More than ever, it’s important to create a well-oiled process that runs smoothly. In the contingent model, it has a very transnational feel and the candidate feels like a “product” whereas the client can feel like an afterthought. There can be a lot of loose ends leading to a choppy process.

In the retained approach, you’re going to have a better relationship built. In addition, both sides are going to be able to devote more time to the candidate journey and make it an enjoyable experience. Instead of managing multiple relationships, there will only be one.

With retained, you can expect a “hands on” and step-by-step approach allowing both client and candidate to be “in the know” the entire process. From a kickoff call to understand your opportunity/organization fully, job description review/creation, weekly status reports, personalized candidate profiles, timelines for success, offer presentation, to follow up through guarantee period and beyond, you can rest assure you’re finding top talent and are well-informed at each step of the process.


The goal of recruiting is to hire an employee who is bought into the company culture, adds value to the organization, and stays for the long term. The decision of which recruiting firm your company decides to engage with is important in achieving these goals. Ensure you partner with a strong recruiting firm that truly takes the time to understand your needs, culture, and goals. Good luck on your search.

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Michael Grace
Founder/CEO- Vetted Placements