Why VP Changed

I started Vetted Placements nearly three years ago with the desire to help companies succeed by providing them with the best possible employees. I’ve witnessed firsthand how important employees are to a successful company. I’ve seen this at fast paced startups such as Braintree and Sagacious Consultants to large established companies such as Accenture. I learned how to recruit and identify top talent by recruiting completely differently than the industry standard. My vision was to bring this to the market and help other companies succeed.

After launching Vetted Placements, I quickly realized the recruiting industry and the standard recruiting practice was flawed. It wasn’t centered on quality of candidates, understanding your customer’s needs, building deep relationships, or dedicated support. It’s purely a numbers game. If a recruiting firm is to be successful, they needed to work dozens of roles, submit dozens of candidates, and plan on winning a low percentage of the roles. Clients typically work with numerous firms to fill the same role as they understand how the industry operated. It’s contingent.  

In the traditional contingent world, simply put, it’s a numbers game and after a year of doing what everyone else was doing I realized it needed to change. I was sacrificing the values of my company, why I started Vetted Placements, what I promised to my employees, and most important, what I wanted to deliver to my clients. It had to change.

Over the coming days, I will share the lessons I learned about the recruiting industry in a series of blog posts and what we changed at Vetted Placements. Some of my lessons you may already know, some you may not. As you may be working with a recruiting firm or looking to engage with a recruiting firm for the first time, I hope my journey will help guide you to the best decision.

To be continued…