Retained Search

In the traditional contingent fee model, clients use many recruiting firms to fill the same position and recruiting firms have each recruiter work sevenplus roles at the same time. It’s a numbers game. We realized this needed to change. 

With Retained Search, there is a clear commitment between VP and our client. We charge a small fee upfront and have a contingent fee upon filling the role. This allows us to truly engage with our clients throughout the process. Clients will have a Talent Manager, who is working only one to two roles at a time. The Talent Manager will be responsible to ensure successful delivery of services and keep clients up to date throughout the entire recruiting process with project plans, project timelines, weekly status reports, etc. Clients quickly realize they receive candidates faster, and the quality of the candidates exceeds expectations. 

The pricing model allows for a higher success rate than the traditional contingency model. This allows us to pass on the savings to our clients. Our clients are saving on average 25% - 40% per placement.

3% Retainer + 12% Success fee

Recruiting Consulting Engagement (RCE)

The Recruiting Consulting Engagement (RCE) is ideal for clients who have many roles to fill. Why pay the traditional 20% - 25%+ per role when you have synergies between roles and economies of scale? If you have multiple roles you’re looking to fill, the RCE can be a true cost-saver. 

With RCE, you’re able to have a Talent Manager focused solely on your organization. During your designated hours of need, your Talent Manager is only working on your opportunities. If requested, the Talent Manager will work onsite at your office and even use your company email address. The Talent Manager will keep you up to date throughout the entire process with project plans, timelines, status reports, etc. All this while using the proven process and technologies of Vetted Placements. In a sense, they’re truly an extension of your organization.

The RCE is very client friendly. You’re able to choose 20-hour blocks depending on your needs and easy 3, 6, or 12-month commitments. We offer a two-week satisfaction commitment. What this means is if after two weeks you aren’t satisfied, then let us know and if we can’t resolve the issue, we won’t invoice you for any time. You simply pay $75 per hour and 3% of the placement. The more placements during the RCE, the more money you save. 

$75/hr + 3% Success fee


“I worked with the VP team, as well as some other recruiters on some time sensitive positions. VP did such a fantastic job, that I was able to "fire" all the other recruiters and just work with them to get the job done. They understood my needs, communicated well, and helped me to get my positions filled ahead of schedule. I would not hesitate to work with them again. Thank you VP team.”

Dir. of Client Success- Venture-Backed SaaS Company- San Diego, CA

Nothing to Hide

Our pricing is transparent and straightforward. At VP, we don’t see a reason to hide our pricing. We’ve built our organization from the ground-up based on creating honest, open, and long-lasting relationships.

Michael Grace
Founder & CEO