Our Recruiting Process

At Vetted Placements, we've perfected the recruitment process.

With years of experience attracting top talent throughout multiple industries, we have a proven process that leads to impressive results. From our initial in-depth meeting, where we truly get to know your organizations needs and culture, to the final steps of onboarding your new employee, we're there throughout the entire process to allow for the smoothest and most successful transition.

VP Process.PNG

Let’s Stay In Touch

At VP, our work isn’t complete once we place your new hire. 

Throughout the first handful of months following a candidate's placement, we’ll stay in touch with you every step of the way seeing to a smooth transition. Our job is never complete until you're completely satisfied and your new hire is up and running entirely.

Our Promise 

Our promise to you is to only provide you with the most qualified people. 

We will not blanket you with hundreds of resumes hoping that one sticks. You will only receive candidates that match our agreed upon criteria for the role. 

We’re so confident in our strategies and experience that we back it up with up to a 6 month guarantee. We put this in place to give you peace of mind when bringing on a new hire, but to also show you how much we believe in our process.

We Know You!

We understand each industry and environment is different. 

As a result, part of our recruiting process involves an in-depth analysis with you and your team to get a real understanding of what makes your organization work. During this deep dive, we’ll work with you to greatly understand your culture and processes: such as what your culture is like, the organizational structure, why certain people have been successful/unsuccessful, etc. From there, we tailor our search to your specific needs, making certain they're a great fit culturally as well as someone who will thrive in their new role.

“I had a tremendous time working with VP. They have such a positive attitude, friendly demeanor, are personable, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. VP always made time for my calls and questions and made it a point to understand my needs and concerns.”

“I actually didn’t accept the role they brought to me due to other circumstances, but wanted to take the time to thank VP.”

April- ERP Consultant, OK