Michael Grace

Michael Grace is the Founder and CEO of Vetted Placements. Michael’s primary focus at VP is client satisfaction and ensuring successful delivery of recruiting services. Michael brings over 10 years of client relationship and recruiting experience to the VP team.

Prior to starting Vetted Placements, Michael worked with industry leading companies such as Braintree (now part of PayPal), Sagacious Consultants (now part of Accenture), and Accenture. Michael gained his fast-paced startup experience at Braintree before joining another hyper-growth company, Sagacious Consultants. After Sagacious Consultants, Michael transitioned to Accenture and gained invaluable experience.

Michael’s experience spans many industries from Automotive, SaaS, payments, technology, healthcare, and consulting. He has lived the startup life, been part of acquisitions, and worked in some of the largest corporations in the world. The combination of all this experience makes Michael uniquely qualified to serve VP clients and employees best.