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Kyle Adams, CPA

Kyle Adams, CPA is Senior Advisor, Board Member, and Investor of Vetted Placements. Kyle’s primary focus is providing leadership with guidance, sound advice, and mentorship.

Kyle graduated from the University of Missouri with his Master of Accountancy, Certificate of Taxation, Bachelor’s in Accountancy and Minor in Economics. While at college, Kyle interned at Grant Thornton and Ernst & Young and became a certified public accountant. After college, Kyle joined Sagacious Consultants. At the time of joining, Sagacious Consultants had 3 employees and generated $300,000 in annual revenue. Within 5 years, Kyle, acting as President of Sagacious Consultants, took the company to over 300 employees, generating over $60,000,000 in annual revenue, and operating in over 45 states.

In 2015 Sagacious Consultants was acquired by Accenture. Kyle transitioned to Accenture as Managing Director and worked extensively to oversee the two-year integration, as well as ensure achievement of key revenue, profitability, retention, and branding metrics. After exceeding all metrics and earning 100% of the sale earn-out, Kyle departed Accenture to focus 100% on KKA Advisors.

Throughout Kyle’s career and with KKA Advisors, Kyle has invested in or started several companies focused on manufacturing, real estate, technology consulting, management consulting, staffing/recruiting, and healthcare.  With Vetted Placements, Kyle takes a hands-on approach with leadership and key employees. He believes VP is setup to successfully serve its clients and allow an enriching environment for its employees.